MakeDox (Skopje, Macedonia)

(Skopje, Macedonia)

MakeDox, the festival for socially engaged cinema and documentary film was established in Skopje in 2009. A year later, a non-profit civil society organization with 25 members under the same name was officially registered with the mission to promote active citizenship and human rights through documentary films and art. What started as an enthusiastic intention of a group of documentary film lovers and activists in only two-year time has grown into a nationally and regionally-recognized film happening with over 60 film screenings per year, a regional open-air travelling cinema and workshops, master classes, round table discussions, as well as a year-long educational program for children and youth- MakeDox Junior. MakeDox Junior program consists of three projects: MakeDox Classroom, MakeDox in Chinematheque and MakeDox Film Clubs.

In the past three years through the Cinematheque project, MakeDox has presented 53 exceptional documentary films to around 6000 primary class students educating them about human rights, media skills and cinema culture. MakeDox Classroom program focuses on the use of socially engaged and documentary films in human rights education. MakeDox Junior team has successfully developed, produced and is implementing audiovisual educational tool-kit utilizing the use of socially engaged documentary films in sociology and civic education in the high school curricula. MakeDox Film Clubs is a project that will be launched in 2015 and will facilitate Human Rights films screenings, debates and activities organized by the youths themselves.

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Contact Person:
Kirijana A. Nikoloska
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Telephone: +389 2 3069926

Address: Blvd. Partizanski odredi 143/13
1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia