We are Visual in Nuremberg

The second training of We are Visual opened the possibility for cooperation with other film festivals and organizations with similar film sensibility.

The experience would not have been as inspirational as it was, if it weren’t for the beautiful snowy Nuremberg and the wonderful organized workshop by the Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival ladies. 

This 5-day workshop was beneficial and stimulating for several reasons.

Firstly, it gathered not only the project partners but also representatives of another six documentary film festivals from Prizren, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Warsaw, Vilnius and Budapest, who already have or are willing to develop educational toolkits. Having already prepared teaching manuals, the Free Zone Film Festival from Belgrade, Dokufest from Prizren and Pravo Ljudski from Sarajevo shared their best practices and experience based on the years-long work with teachers and young people.

Furthermore, each of the participants organized a screening of one or two short creative documentary films that represented best their festival youth programs. Each screening encouraged vivid and fruitful discussions revealing various opinions and approaches, but also differences in the educational systems and political situations that have directly influenced the selection of both films and teaching methodology.

Lastly, a lecture on Human Rights Education was given by a representative of the Human Rights Office of Nuremberg which was generally informative as one of the project’s main objectives is the promotion of human rights.

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