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DEBRISMacedonia, Kosovo, B&H, Serbia
2013 (9'), Directors: Aleksandra Aleksovska, Andi Thaqi, Jovanche Nedelkovski

Why does society always tend to marginalize those who do things unconventionally? Why does it put aside everything that is ugly and rejoice in everything that is beautiful? What is ugly?

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The Invisibles

INVISIBLESMacedonia, Kosovo, B&H, Serbia
2013 (07’05’’), Directors: Ishak Jalimam, Monika Šimunac, Nita Zeqiri, Petar Antevski

Engaged and happily in love, these two girls bravely tell the story of their mutual life as a lesbian couple in Kosovo.   

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Small Talk

still1 SMALL TALKMacedonia, Kosovo, B&H, Serbia
2013 (9'27''), Directors: Darko Aleksovski, Sanja Rašević, Venesa Musović

Small Talk is a short film, inspired primarily by the Prizren City Hostel, where the authors stayed for 10 days while attending the Creative Doc School ACTive.

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Spring in Summer

Still1 SPRING in SummerMacedonia, Kosovo, B&H, Serbia
2013 (8’24''), Directors: Edin Alija, Mila Radonjikj, Vanja Ristić

This short documentary film captures the moments when we use the water fountain. It is a poetic and allegorical story about people, differences, connections, similarities.

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Still1 WithinMacedonia, Kosovo, B&H, Serbia
2013 (7'13''), Directors: Lejla Mušanović, Norika Šefa, Relja Pekić

The young butcher Ergjan tells the interesting story that one old house in the center of Prizren hides.

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